Jan 2013

Best Ways to Optimize “Search” and “Navigation” on your E - commerce Site

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It is a proven reality that users will abandon your e-commerce website if they can’t find the products and services they are searching for. Search engine for ‘search’ in e-commerce is not a new concept however the way it is revolutionizing user behavior is a hot topic of discussion among web gurus.

An easy to use search bar makes sure your visitors stay on your site for longer time and thus drive higher ROIs for your brand. Users must be able to easily find what they are looking for without getting confused or upset. In an e-commerce website searches are an important aspect of driving a sale and to build overall brand recognition.

Let’s take a look at the best practices of search optimization for an e-commerce site: 
Optimizing Organic and Site Search Box

Organic searches help brands to offer lucrative product differentiation. Optimizing search for search engines is a tricky task in itself. Here are some quick and easy tips to tackle the problem:

  • Link pages of valuable content to the home page. For instance like the about page of your website. Make sure to index all the important pages based on user activity. Additionally, build a storehouse of credible links. The more old your link is the more it will be favored by search engines.
  • Don’t forget to index customer testimonials as Google favors fresh user centric content more.
  • Use Adwords, to test the success of SEO landing pages before you optimize them. Create a campaign to direct users based on relevancy and track your best pages.
  • Apply keyword targeting to bring more traffic to your website. Analyze and target keywords your users search for in the internal search box. Add keywords and keyword phrases in the web page title tag, the anchor text pointing to the page, description tags, and is possible in the URL of the page itself.
  • Devise smart web analytics to better streamline and calculate ROIs. Expand your keyword targeting on search engines. Implement auto-suggestions to allow visitors to look for suitable keywords.

Direction-Finding for Users

It is very vital to optimize the navigation bars as they are one of the first ways that users look for in a website. Navigation is one of the key players at a conversion rate of an e-commerce site. As a rule of the thumb here are the best practices while optimizing the navigation bars:

  • Use different colors for active and passive navigation tabs. This will avoid confusion and let users understand the website more deeply.
  • Place navigation bars at the top of the page and to the left. As it is seen, that humans have a habit of reading from left to right. Users' attention will be diverted to all navigation categories at a glance.
  • Include well written product descriptions and customer reviews to generate interest of first-time visitors.
  • Present only the main categories in the navigation bar. Keep room for adding new categories as you grow your business. Limit the number of categories as users will not care to browse more than ten categories.
  • Deploy drop-down menu searches for multiple navigation categories. At the same time use simple words for quick searches.

At The End – Two Important Suggestions to Keep in Mind

  • Run a Trial Search

Make sure to test your search before launch. For instance, for singular and plural words and same spelled words with different meanings.

  • Advanced Search

Keep a record of your users' searches. Whenever they type in a new search show them their last search. Trust me; your users will love it. This especially helps when users misspell words and find no results for their query.

Follow these simple yet effective results- oriented methodologies to build higher ROI driven e-commerce sites for your business.

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