Jan 2013

BlackBerry 10 Set To Surprise With Its Advanced Features – Launch This Wednesday

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Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry 10 has announced its official launch along with two Smartphones on Wednesday the 30th of Jan 2013. It is followed by a 30-second $3.8 million Super Bowl ad to be aired on February 3. This immensely expensive ad is to encourage BlackBerry’s 30 million social media fans and NFL football fans to experience the power of BlackBerry themselves.

With the news of this launch RIM’s stock has jumped to $17.54 from $6.22, end of last week. Thorsten Heins is betting big on the future of RIM with BlackBerry 10. As per a study led by Gartner, RIM has taken a huge hit on global Smartphone market shares especially in iPhone dominant areas. Distributors have been gearing up for mega sales post launch.

Let’s take a look at the central rumored features of the BlackBerry 10:

  • BlackBerry is offering a redesigned version of its most coveted feature - BBM (BlackBerry Messaging).
  • BB10 supports BlackBerry Balance features that lets users categorize personal and professional data separately on Smartphones and Playbook tablets. This feature also helps IT companies to manage employee downloads from BlackBerry World, for the Work app store.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 improves employee productivity as it is better enabled to serve customers. This keeps business data secured and manageable at the same time.
  • BB 10 is installed with one of the fastest browsers as compared to any other browser on a mobile platform, promising a great user experience.
  • BB 10 will be a dual-camera smart phone. 8MP rear camera with LED flash and 2MP front camera
  • BB 10 has an intuitive typing feature using auto-text.
  • BB 10 platform will get a speed upgrade as it will offer a 4G PlayBook. The 4G PlayBook will come with either a 7 or 10-inch display. It is confirmed that BB10 will come with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor.
  • BB 10 OS will see a fusion with Evernote (a productivity service).
  • BB 10 will have the support of two handsets. The first handset will have a touchscreen device named as the L-series. Its expected screen specs are: 1280x768 pixels, 55 mm wide, 356 ppi. The second handset will be more like a QWERTY keyboard called N-series (N for Nevada). Its screen specs will be 720x720 pixels, 52–53 mm wide, and pixel density at around 330 ppi.
  • Other BB 10 features will include 4.2 or 4.3- inch display (1280 x 768 resolution), 16GB or 32 GB of internal storage, micro SD support, 2GB of RAM, 1800 mAh removable battery, NFC Bluetooth 4.0 and micro HDMI- out port. BB 10 will be powered by TI OMAP 4470 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor, Quad-band LTE.

Mr. Heins has revealed that there would be two devices – one with a touchscreen and the other with a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen. BlackBerry 10 will be able to run Android apps too along with a multitude of apps. BB 10 UI comes with a new swipe gesture, with a redesigned BBM service for a new platform. RIM disclosed its several music and video partners on Monday like Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Music Group.

RIM’s Content partners play an important role in the effort to restore RIMs lost position citing successful examples of iPhone and Google’s Android software. The BlackBerry World content store will showcase a variety of songs, movies and television shows. Network operators are wishing RIM to cut down its pricing on handling BlackBerry data. However, RIM accepts that its revenue generating sources are not enough for a big player like itself. With BlackBerry 10 RIM is expected to attain a market share of 4.7 percent worldwide but can slide to 4.1 percent in 2016. Nevertheless, the device seems to have a great potential to restore the lost position of RIM amongst its competitors.

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