Dec 2010

Pros And Cons Of Using Flash On Front Page Of Your Website

Posted By - Mark Spenser

Adobe Flash is utilized to create dynamic web pages by placing interactive material on them. However, whether your site is meant to provide that kind of excitement is purely a perception based on how you see the purpose of a website to be. Except websites, Flash is also utilized to create advertisement banners. It blends well with the purpose of an ad, as catchy messages and moving objects will certainly draw attention of the viewers and might as well take them to the actual resource for which the ad is made. But, if you use a similar dynamic material on your website’s homepage, will it be purposeful for your visitors who have not come for an entertainment but are seriously expecting to see important business information there?

As a web designer, you should know the following three important things if you have decided to use Flash for a website:

  • What business are you using it for? Does the business really need it?
  • Is it a mere eye-catcher or is really going to enable the website for achieving its goal?
  • What kind of market is being targeted and is Flash appropriate for that kind of audience?

The question is not to eliminate Flash but is to find the point of using it. Let me be very neutral at this point and give you the pros and cons of using Flash to create website intros and animated banners:


  • Interactivity, catchy lines, images with nice effects, and exciting animation – while all this can be a part of your website intro, you really have something interesting for the visitors. If you have really used it well, it can succeed to a great extent catching attention of the website browsers and give them a message right away creating a feeling of excitement. Visitors having a lot of time on hand and who really don’t mind waiting for the page to load may really appreciate it (or probably they do it on account of a high bandwidth connection!).
  • Flash can create interactive menus for the web pages, and if done well, it really could enhance the navigation.
  • Gaming sites are certainly the ones where the need of Flash is felt the most on the homepage as the site itself demands a level of interactivity to better orient the visitors.


  • As a Flash website intro increases the size of the homepage file, it takes much longer to load. Can you really expect your site visitors to wait that long and be patient enough to read the vivified sales pitch!
  • Music and sound files embedded into the Flash videos further increase the downloading time. On the top of it, many of your site viewers would not like being forced to listen to the sounds or music as a part of website browsing.
  • Images, graphics, and animation can’t be indexed by the search engines. Moreover, search engines have difficulty in adequately indexing the text embedded in the Flash movie. Hence, the use of a Flash intro disturbs the smoothness of search engine optimization of the site.

Now, when all the points are put up, this may seem a little daunting. But remember, if something is being used, there has to have a need and purpose! Just search out a professional web design service that can guide you rightly on your Flash requirements and design your website for the best results on the search engines, even if it means using Flash!

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