Jan 2013

Tablet Vs. Smartphones – See how the figures stack up against each other !! INFOGRAPHIC

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Everyone was skeptical about the iPad when Apple announced its plan to release one in 2010. If the first iPad was a huge success, the later generations of iPads have surpassed all expectations. The success of the iPads ignited the spark for a whole new industry and a number of other companies began offering similar tablet devices. Today, tablets sales and tablet apps rival the dominance of smart mobile. The iTunes Store alone has over 275,000 apps for the iPad. In this infographic, we see how the people from different age groups and genders use tablets and smartphones. We take a look at the kind of apps that smartphone users download, and we stack them up against the same data for tablets. In addition, we take a peek at the most successful operating systems and manufactures for tablets as well as smart mobiles.


Tablet vs Smartphone



An Infographic designed by the team at PLAVEB




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