Sep 2010

What Is The Difference Between Software Development And Web Development

Posted By - Mark Spenser

Every entrepreneur has to do two tasks at a time – one, to learn more efficient ways to progress fast in the business and second, to promote his business well for winning the attention of prospective customers and preventing them to turn to others. For the best business experience in terms of these two, he has to gauge what exactly he requires for the different needs that arise per se: a strong web presence, a responsive web application, a desktop application, and whatever. At such junctures, many business doers realize that web development and software application development may not be the same. Knowledge will only do good to you, better than getting a software made to work on your business infrastructure when you actually needed a web service. Let me differentiate the two for you: the software development and the web development.

Software development can be a part of web development, but web development is not always so. When you need a website or a web segment to run on it, you are looking for website development services. But, if you want a program that runs only on your PC or all the interconnected computers in your organization, you might be on your way to a desktop application or software. So, while a desktop software runs off the web, a web-based software application is intended to run in the web environment.

Most application development companies work on both the types of technologies. Here, you should know that technologies used in web-based activities often get replaced by something superior and more effective than the earlier one. Hence, you couldn't always stick to one that had been done once. As such, the role of a professional application and web developer could come in real handy for you. With his domain expertise, he could give you all the necessary support-based services for all types of your projects.

On the other hand, many business applications are better suited to be run on individual desktops, as they are clearly technologically defined and programmed to a specific purpose and also security concerns and legacy issue come to resolution. This kind of software development is without a subscription fee over the life of the software use. It’s made once and purchased outright. Coming to the use of software in a web-based environment, there are a few common procedures like monitoring of online lead generation, customer conversion rates etc. for which a business would require web-based software programs.

Whether applications running on the web or offline and backend apps, both are handled by the professional software application development firms. They would always try to understand the business nature of the concerned firm before they work on any type of development strategy for it. You need not get worried about the quality of work produced by them. Just be clear on your needs and in telling them about the same.

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