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Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising Campaign Management Services

PLAVEB provides intelligent insight to a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. Our online marketing strategy includes the highly efficient combination of PPC advertising as well as organic SEO. We have the knowledge and understanding to determine which practice is suitable for specific objectives. We closely study your business requirements, evaluate immediate and long-term goals, and factor in your financial priorities to come up with recommendations for budget and outreach. We will again closely work with you to prioritize these, considering your business objectives.

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PLAVEB recommends PPC when:

  • Client needs to generate traffic right away
  • Website has technology limitations
  • Client’s domain doesn’t allow to put a lot of natural or generated content
  • Client wants to acquire market share within limited timeline
  • Client needs total control over demographic, services or products span of ads, traffic/lead volume and niche target
  • Highly target oriented results are required

PLAVEB does not recommend PPC when:

  • Client has limited budget and ROI is not justifiable
  • Client can generate enough content for Organic SEO
  • Do not have a specific timeline for the popularity of the product or services
  • Client has very generic target keywords and competition on the keywords is high
  • Client ‘s business allows flexible geographic preferences

Our PPC management services include:

  • Campaign architecture and maintenance
  • Complete PPC strategy and campaign management
  • Landing page creation
  • Effective conversion strategy implementation
  • Effective text and image ad creation
  • Combined PPC and organic campaign management
  • A/B split strategy implementation and maintenance